Social Networking is a free, but very powerful tool. How can you use it to your full advantage and manage the amount of time you spend on it?

First, you need to decide whether you want to separate your personal life from your professional life (which, I highly recommend that you do).

Social media involves a natural, genuine conversation between people about something of mutual interest, a conversation built on the thoughts and experiences of the participants. -Dave Evans

This weeks goals:

Create a separate business page for your business. Upload a logo as the profile photo, and be consistent across all platforms.

If you have a blog, enable sharing so that your posts can be seen on Facebook.

Use the events tabs to add any upcoming events, sales, appearances and promotions your business is holding.

Be intentional with the time you spend on social media. List goals, both professional and social, for your pages. For instance, for your business, you may want to follow trends in your industry, connect with potential customers, or promote special offers.  For you social life, you may want to connect with family members and old friends, and follow businesses you frequent for deals and promotions.

Customize your newsfeeds so that you only receive updates from people and businesses you truly want to stay up-to-date with. The more people in your feed, the more information you’ll have to read through to get to the content you really want or need. Remove feeds from games and apps that are of no interest to you.

Bonus tips:

Always be professional.

Post information that is interesting to you. Be authentic.

Social media isn’t about the content itself. Its about the conversations that result from the content.

Add your social media links to your email signature for added exposure!

Stay tuned for information about our Social Media Bootcamp, coming in April! And be sure to register for our Your Brand is More than a Logo event on February 25!


Email us with any questions about organizing your social media at




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