“Focus on being productive instead of busy.” Timothy Ferris

We are thirteen days into the New Year and while the intentions we’ve set for ourselves for 2017 are still on our minds, I wanted to give you all a few tips to being productive and crossing off items on your To Do List.

1. Create your task list at the beginning of the week. 

Personally, I like to organize all of my tasks on Sunday afternoon. This gives me a clear picture of the week ahead. I use my Vision Planner to map out my top priorities, errands, and other assignments. It makes things so much easier, rather than dedicating time when you wake up Monday morning to trying to decide what needs to be done.

2. Themed days!

Once you have your list, organize each task into categories. Then, assign those categories to their own day. For instance, Mondays are for marketing, Tuesdays are for content creation, and Wednesdays are for website updates, etc.

This is especially helpful if you are juggling different projects, or often feel like you have a million things going on. Knowing ahead of time that Thursdays are your blogging days will help you to get more accomplished and feel less overwhelmed.

3. Create a daily schedule.

Once you’ve categorized your tasks for each day, this is where the real work begins! Starting with your most important task, prioritize your list and schedule chunks of time to complete each item. If necessary, set a time as you begin, and when it buzzes, move on! One of my favorite apps for tracking time can be found here.

In early 2016, I used a combination of sticky notes, my planner, and reminders in my iPhone to remember things I needed to do. It wasn’t until I began to implement the tips above that I started producing and the question of “What was I supposed to be working on?” became a distant memory.

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. -Paul J. Meyer


What things do you do to help you be more productive? Which of the tips above have you already tried? Which will you try in 2017? (I recommend all of them!)


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