Spotlight: Imani Johnson

Imani Johnson, Mimi’s Mane Tease
My Story: Funny enough I wanted to be a barber when I was choosing my classes but the program was full and I had to pick cosmetology. I went straight to work at a salon after high school, while all my friends went straight to college. I told my mother I didn’t want to go and I would take my cosmetology career serious and so that’s how it started. I was a shampoo assistant first, then I started styling. That came about when I was at work one Saturday and walk ins were coming in but no other stylist was there to service them and my boss at the time told me to start taking walk ins. My biggest challenge was staying focused, being a 17 year old stylist comes with a lot of freedom, I over came that when I realized, I’m responsible for my own pay! One thing I’m really good at is weaving, my sew ins are flawless!
3-5 Business Tips for new entrepreneurs:
1. ALWAYS be on time. It sets the tone for you as a business person.
2.Be aware of your consumers and meet their needs before they get a chance to ask
3. Check your feelings at the DOOR. Emotions and paycheck a DON’T mix.
4. Never wait on anyone to teach you about your market, go and learn it. Learning is free (books)
5. If it’s your passion, eat, sleep and breathe it, it’s ruff but the money comes. Keep your heart in it
What inspires me to do what I do is seeing my clients happy about a transformation I can make styling their hair. Knowing that is enough, your hair is an adornment and when women feel and look good, life is good.
The problem I solve for customers in my industry is being everything they need. Meaning, I take my brand seriously, I do everything I’m doing with a pure heart and my clients appreciate that. Also, I’m always on time for my appointments!
MiMi’s Mane Tease
Location: Personal Touch Salon, Hyattsville, MD
Styleseat: styleseat/i/mimistylesme
Instagram: slim_thickmimi
Facebook: Imani Johnson (MiMi)

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