Stephanie Nolan, XOXO Virgin Hair
My Story: Before the inception of XOXO Virgin Hair, I was a fashion model, working with major brands such as Adidas, and Black Entertainment Television, and Lusters Hair Products. Thru my experience, I noticed that there was a great demand for hair extensions that could withstand frequent styling, thermal tools, and chemical alterations. I began to search for authentic origins of hair, as I wanted to honestly market my brand in an industry full of misconceptions. In December 2013, I launched XOXO Virgin Hair with quality, and longevity in mind. To be honest, one of the biggest challenges that I have faced was finding an authentic source, which took lots of late nights, and questions, staying up into the wee hours to communicate with sources who operated on a 12 hour difference! What I can definitely say I’m great at is noticing hair quality at the drop of a dime, I’m pretty great at predicting how hair will behave, and so far I have not been wrong lol. I’m also great at customer service, as my brand is an investment, and I want to ensure that new customers are comfortable in making their purchase by answering questions, and offering product education, which is also missing in the hair industry.
 What inspires you to do what you do? What problem do you solve for your customers?  Seeing most of the industry provide a sub-standard quality, and/or dishonestly marketing their products inspire me to continue the path that my business is on. I want to make it easier for everyone to wear and style hair extensions. High quality hair saves money, time, and labor for everyone involved!
My advice to an aspiring or current brand owner is to make sure you have contracts in place with ANYONE you will potentially be working with. I learned this from a business man turned friend, Antonio Velaz. If they have a problem in signing any agreements, diplomatically move forward, you have to protect your brand at all costs. My other advice is to also be attentive to customers, before the sale, during the sale, and after the sale! It’s how you develop loyal customers, in accordance with the high quality product(s) that you distribute!


Business Name: XOXO Virgin Hair
Location: Online only
Customer Inquiries: info@shopxoxohair.com
Media Inquiries: press@shopxoxohair.com
Contact Number: 424-703-5105
Social Media | IG: @xoxovirginhair

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