Jakiera Daniels, Jakiera’s Eye Photography

My story: I got started with photography at 8, when my mom bought me my first 2-eyed point & shoot, next was a 110 film camera. At age 16 she bought me my first professional SLR camera and I’ve been shooting ever since!


My biggest challenge as an entrepreneur: self doubt, convincing myself that I’m not good enough compared to others. It takes constant reinforcement, but I overcome that challenge by consistently perfecting my craft, working through my self-doubts, tuning out others’ opinions and by pushing my own limits.

 I’m really, really good at: Capturing the raw authenticity of a person and creating an emotion through my photos.

 What inspires you to do what you do? Capturing art that shows the depth and authenticity of the people of the world (we’re kinder and braver than the daily perception) and being able to create an image that validates their significance and oneness, and promotes self-love.

What problem do you solve for customers in your industry? To allow people to live in the moment instead of missing it in order to take a photo (more specifically, while on vacations). To creatively capture the essence of an event, wedding, ceremony, or performance in a way that allows you to share and relive the occasion while viewing the images. I offer peace of mind, knowing that a dependable photographer with consistent, professional skills will be seizing precious memories for you.

3 Tips I’d give to an aspiring entrepreneur: 1) Continue to learn and perfect your craft 2) Use your intuition as much as your skill 3) Be innovative 4) Do it with a purpose greater than you!

 Your go to photographer,

Jakiera Daniels

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Jakiera’s Eye Photography
Columbia, MD
Twitter/ Tumblr/ Facebook/ Instagram/ LinkedIn @JakierasEye

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